Distribution of Bulk Priced Industrial Oil Based Paints

Industrial oil based paint is one of the most widely used paint samples with very high efficiency that is used in various fields. Nowadays, there is a great variety in the production of various oil paints, and the reason is the benefits of using it. Manufacturers and suppliers sell this product with different qualities and directly in different ways.The production of industrial paints in the country is very wide and the number of paint factories in this area is very large, which is due to the presence of chemical raw materials that are present in large quantities in the country. One of the most widely used industrial paints is oil paints, which due to features such as high durability, water resistance and many chemicals and ease of cleaning painted surfaces with industrial oil paint samples has caused the most in the last decade. Have consumption.

Distribution of Bulk Priced Industrial Oil Based Paints

How Much Is the Net Income of Paint’s Industry?

How Much Is the Net Income of Paint’s Industry? Iran’s paint industry is one of the relatively old industries that has been operating for almost a century. Color has had a special place in the life of Iranians from ancient times to today, and the craftsmen and artists of ancient Iran have always tried to produce the most beautiful colors and produce attractive products with it. What is known today as the paint industry, started about 80 years ago in Iran and fortunately has now reached a good position. In this article, we will examine the evolution of the paint industry in Iran and finally its current position in the world. The beginning of the paint industry in Iran For the first time, the late Ahmad Sanei brought industrial production of paint to Iran. In 1308, with the measures of this person and the experiences he had gained from traveling to foreign countries,The completely manual process of paint production in Iran took on a semi-industrial form and the first spark of the presence of relatively advanced devices was created in Iran. Seven years later, he went to an exhibition in Germany and observed the process of producing a completely industrial dye. Therefore, he decided to buy paint machines and use them in Iran. This issue caused that 10 years after the presence of the first semi-industrial devices in the completely traditional Iranian market, the first industrial factory, namely the Iranian paint factory, was officially established. After the start of the factory, many people similarly entered the market and continued to produce paint in the same way.

How Much Capital Is Required for Paint’s Production?

How Much Capital Is Required for Paint’s Production? To set up a paint production line, many production machines are needed. Supply of these devices and in general the necessary equipment to set up a dye production line, According to one of the producers in this business, it needs at least 3 to 5 billion capital. Low-interest loans have been offered by some state-owned banks for several years to set up a paint production line Of course, taking these loans has its own headaches.According to people active in setting up a paint production line, the labor market of this business has a recession, high risk and.. In general, there are no suitable conditions for long-term investment. Entering these markets as a result of the slightest incident, there is a possibility of losing market share. Therefore, in order for manufacturers to be able to exploit these markets in the long run, They must choose high stable markets and low risk. In fact, people who want to start a paint production line, Before entering this market and producing products, they should consider the annual consumption of countries with highly stable markets And after defining their goal, start a paint production line and invest in it.

Focal Wholesale Dealer of Industrial Oil Based Paint

Focal Wholesale Dealer of Industrial Oil Based Paint Industrial oil paint that is used in painting the walls of buildings that is insoluble and cabinets and metal or wooden accessories, etc. It has high durability and washability and is made on the basis of alkyd resin and is produced in matte, glossy and semi-matte And in the market you can see a variety of examples. The price of industrial oil paint varies in different types and in different quality grades. To inquire about the price and purchase of bulk industrial oil paint in the market, you can search for it through the paint sale site and get information.

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